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I knew this day would finally come.

That’s my baby, liking both like me :)

Taemin thumbs up, yay!

Taemin, where are you going?!?!?!

Taemin, where are you going?!?!?!

Taemin is such a cutiepie ^^

Taemin is such a cutiepie….


Too sexy for my blazer.

Too sexy for my shirt.

I’m so sexy it’s hurts.

taem’s punishment: sexy dancing

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Jaw: Floor. 


130227 Angelic Taemin @ Leaving after Beatles Code Recording

Credit : Fantaister

Bless him, he’s frozen!!

The youngest, Taemin, gave what might be the most mature answer of them all. “I’d like someone who is the same on the inside and the outside, someone who’s honest about herself.”

- allkpop

Taemin! I’m in London! Come back!

he has a sniffle!! Get better soon Taemin!

WHat is with Taemin’s clothes?! First of all they keep giving him shirts which won’t stay tucked in because he’s too awesome for tucked in shirts. And then WHAT was he wearing in beautiful?? I have no idea…

Ah Taeminnie~~~~

TaeMAAAAAAAAN for President of the Galaxy!